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Maine Chefs Peppercorn & Chive Aioli

Maine Chefs Peppercorn & Chive Aioli

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Aioli is a mixture resembling mayonnaise. It originates from
Provençal cuisine, where it is served with
meat, fish, and vegetables, and the distinctive garlicky sauce.
It has also been adopted by other
nations to add zest to otherwise ordinary foods.
Although classic Aioli contains only garlic, many modern updates on
the classic sauce include other ingredients.
Aioli can be turned into a relish with the addition of pickled
vegetables, or made spicy with peppers.
Some experimental Southwestern cooks use chipotle pepper Aioli in
their cuisine, while fans of fish and chips may choose to eat them
with an Aioli which is similar to tartar sauce.

Enjoy Maine Chefs Aioli with Seafood, Veggies, Panini's and more...

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